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Dr. Jessie André, PhD, LCSW-S, MEd

An Assistant Professor at Our Lady of the Lake University in Tx, USA

Assistant Professor, Dr. Jessie André, PhD, LCSW-S, MEd, is a clinical social worker, professor, and sexuality advocate. Born in Port-au-Prince, she cites her experiences as a first-generation immigrant as having profound impact in both her professional and personal experiences. After the 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Jessie leaned into her calling as a social worker and graduated from Temple University with an MSW. Like a lot of things in Dr. Andre’s life, after a chance interaction while working with juvenile sex offenders in Philadelphia, she found a PhD program that combined a topic that she has been passionate about since she was 7, sexuality & education.

In her career Dr. André has practiced micro, mezzo and macro social work in North America, Europe, Asia, and parts of Africa. Dr. André ‘s approach to health, mental health, and sexual health stems from a holistic and inclusive approach.  Her work aims to address the unique sexual and cultural needs of first- generation immigrants and people with bicultural identities.  She is currently an Assistant Professor at Our Lady of the Lake University in the Worden School of Social Service and developing her clinical mental health private practice catering to clients with bicultural identities and sexuality related concerns.

Topic: Cross-Cultural Sexual Encounters & Sexual Migration